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Salem Haunted Happenings brings in 250,000 people, and recognized as an ABA Top 100 Event.

The festival that includes Live Music, Paraween and Tours has previously been recognized in 1998, 2001, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

The Top 100 Events !


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 Farragut TN 37933

Salem Haunted Happenings Tracks Are Hosted By:

Travis Walton, Ben Hansen, Thom Reed, Mike Bara, Peter Robbins.

Tracks are Mini Symposiums
The framing of a subject, a conference within the conference.

Our tracks highlight specific events for those who have a particular interest.  

Paraween offers Full Event Passes as well as Specific Track Tickets



Receives 4.3 out of 5 stars

#Paraween UFO Fest ​Oct 21st, 2017. Travis Walton (Fire in the Sky) Mike Bara (Ancient Aliens) and Thom Reed (Alien Mysteries) will hold their inaugural UFO Fest at the Salem Waterfront Hotel. All Paraween events are in celebration of true local history. We find remarkable history around Salem from the Witch Trials to our Nations first UFO case to be Officially inducted into the United State as Historically True. We bring the fun, incredible Speakers and Free Photo Ops. Paraween unveils the media suppression and spotlights the legitimacy of UFO encounters the paranormal and legends, in Halloween flavor!

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#Paraween a division of Miami Models (South Beach) we hold Celebrity Cons & Events.

Note: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, MTV Music Awards, Lenny Kravitz and Salem’s UFO Fest.

Our Mission

Low-cost tickets, free photo-ops, and the truth behind legends, UFO Encounters and the Paranormal. In Cosplay Form.